Why Sammy's Thai Massage?

Our lives are busier than ever and our schedules are more hectic than ever. The unfortunate truth is that we often pay for this with our health. First, we experience fatigue dragging us down which gradually degenerates into pain, preventing us from keeping up with our lives.

My experience as a massage therapist has led me to combine Thai Yoga massage as well as Chinese Tuina massage and trigger point techniques to target and eliminate fatigue and pain.

Clients come to me with back pain, sciatic pain, and other types of chronic pain that have been weighing them down for years. These symptoms are often caused by blockages in the body's energy channels that represent a long-term buildup of cell waste, unabsorbed food residue, and regular muscle wear and tear.

By treating trigger points and using assisted yoga postures I provide an effective, long-lasting form of healing to extinguish pain and increase energy levels for a more productive life.